PS4 Release Date


PS4 Release Date

Sony announced the PS4 on February 20, 2013 in New York City at the 2013 Sony Playstation Meeting. The PS4 was described as a console “made by game developers FOR game developers.” It will have a x86 architecture, enhanced GPU, 8GB memory.

PS4 Release Date is expected to be in November 2013 with a price point of $399.00

PS4 pre order

When is the PS4 Release date scheduled for by Sony?

No exact date has been scheduled for release, but all indications will be that the PS4 will be released in November of this year. Perfect timing for shoppers getting ready for Christmas.

What titles will be available at the PS4 release date?

PS4 launch titles Ps4 release date

A number of games have been revealed for the PS4 release date. They Are: Deep Down(Capcom), Destiny (Bungie), Diablo III (Blizzard), Driveclub (Evolution Studios), Final Fantasy (Square Enix), Infamous: Second Son (Sucker Punch), Killzone: Shadow Fall (Guerilla Games), Knack (Sony), The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt (CD Projekt RED), Watch Dogs (Ubisoft).

Read more about the PS4 Release Date Here.

All indicators indicate that the PS4 will be a huge hit and will sell out quickly.

You might want to place a PS4 pre order, so that you will not be disappointed. You will not be charged until your order is processed.

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PlayStation 4: Standard Edition

iLA or Inspired Living App


iLA or Inspired Living App Goes Viral and Why

What is the ilivingapp?

iLA, The Inspired Living Application, is a one of a kind, mobile application that makes it possible for the average, every day person, to profit from the exploding mobile application industry. The iLA application delivers a high quality, professionally produced, personal development video to your mobile device on a weekly basis. With iLA you will receive practical information from top professionals in their fields on topics ranging from:

Goal setting
Time management
Personal development
Business development
Leadership development
Financial management
Personal motivation, and more

In addition to having content delivered to your mobile device you will have access to iLA’s ever expanding video archive. At your convenience, you can access iLA’s content rich library to review past videos and explore subjects that interest you. Even if you don’t have a mobile device you can still enjoy iLA from a traditional website and be encouraged to reach for new levels of excellence in your life.
With iLA you will regularly be encouraged, motivated, and inspired to achieve your goals, excel in business, relationships, health, and enjoy success in your life. Along with fantastic content, iLA is the first and only mobile application that makes it possible for you to make money. With iLA’s matrix program you can ….

Pay off debt
Prepare for retirement
Work from home
Enjoy more time with your family
Make your own hours
Be your own boss, and more

iLA or Inspired Living App Product Video

iLA or Inspired Living App Movie

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Inspired Living App

iLA or Inspired Living App Dream Team

Why did the iLA or Inspired Living App go viral?

The iLA or Inspired Living App combines the two hottest topics: personal development and mobile apps. Coupled with the ability to make money, the iLA or Inspired Living App went viral quickly and became an overnight sensation.

iLA or Inspired Living App Cost

With iLA or Inspired Living App there are 3 ways to be involved.

1. Free enrollment Benefits a. Delivery of the weekly video content The free enrollment does not include access to the video archive, replicated site, or the ability to earn in the matrix program.

2. Retail Customer – $6.95 per month Benefits a. Delivery of the weekly video content b. Access to the video archive A retail customer does not get a replicated site and can not earn from the matrix program.

3. Associate – $9.95 per month Benefits a. Delivery of the weekly video content b. Access to the video archive c. Personal website d. Ability to earn from the matrix program

iLA or Inspired Living App  is a good fit for all involved in the network marketing industry. It provides a great source for personal development to help anyone achieve success as while as provides an additional source of income.


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Have you ever been blind sided by an unexpected event that threatened to throw your dreams, hopes, and life plans off-course? Times like these is when it is important to keep a positive mental attitude and it will ultimately determine your long term success.

What separates people who succeed (the Winners) from those who complain about it (the Whiners) is how well they respond to life’s inevitable curveballs.  Big or small, unexpected events will happen. You can not avoid them, you can only control how you respond to them.

A positive mental attitude is what separates the Winners from the Whiners.


Winners take charge and take action. They figure out what went wrong and find a solution and do something about it.  Whiners sit around and complain and seek validation instead of doing something about the problem. That is the difference between having a positive mental attitude and a negative mental attitude.

I gave an example of a positive mental attitude in my blog post

Money Does Not Fall From the Sky

Some people try to make money online with a negative mental attitude. They go around complaining that this won’t work and in reality they are doing nothing to be successful. They think money just falls from the sky, when in reality you must work to achieve your success.


Life Lesson: The lesson here is simple: Winners win and Whiners lose. If you want to succeed in the face of life’s unexpected curveballs, make sure you act like a Winner and keep a positive mental attitude.

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Money Does Not Fall From The Sky

Money Does Not Fall From The Sky

Guess what?
Money Does not fall from the sky!

Working from home, means just that.
You work, but you do it from home.
You will not get rich over night and you will not get rich if you do nothing.
If anyone tells you different, it is a LIE.
Our team works from home.
Yes, I said work.

Money Does Not Fall From The Sky into our laps-we work for it.
If you want to work with us, let us know.
We can teach you marketing skills and how to make additional income utilizing a variety of programs. You do NOT have to make a list of your 100 friends and family.
You do not have to cold call strangers.
We teach you how to develop attraction marketing skills to get leads to come to you.
You must be coachable, you must be able to follow directions, you must have access to a computer, and you must have at least 5 hours a week to work your business.
You can set your hours. It can be at night, in the morning, whenever, but you must work.

We can show you how to get started with zero cost to you, but you must WORK because money does not fall from the sky!!!!

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